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Salee Colour Public Company Limited

Was founded on August 13, 2003 to be a manufacturer of high concentration color and additive masterbatch, ready to use compound for serving all Thermoplastic processes and applications. By year 2007, we expanded our filler masterbatch capactiy and established “Poly Merit-Asia” our affiliated company,of which received an approval to be a BOI-promoted company since 2013

We’re evolving in converting thermoplastic industries by the last 10 years with expand our own capabilities and well experienced staff members, both in production, research and development center to cover various applications in filler, Additive color masterbatches and compound, toward the requirement of our customers and response to the growth of demand from domestic and export market. Moreover our production process is certified and approved by ISO9001 : 2008 standard which would ensure our high consistent quality, administration and management system,meet the standard.

" Your success is our Challenge ''


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Date of Establishment : August 13, 2003
Date of Initial Public Offering : June 14, 2011
Registered capital : 652.34 Million THB.
Land Area : 38,000 Square meter
Warehouse Area : 14,000 Square meter
Production Area : 7,000 Square meter
Production Capacity : Approximately 45,000 Metric tons per year
Production Line : 15 Extruders, 3 Pulverizers
Subsidiary Companies : Polymerit Asia Co.,Ltd., Composite Asia Co.,Ltd.,
Head Count : 300 Persons



” Your success is our Challenge ”

1. Be better today than yesterday.

2. Overview the situation to create the best solution.

3. Learn – Unlearn – Relearn.

4. Fulfill what’s missing.

5. Make The world a Better place.

1. Profit increased by 20% from 2020.

2. Knowing the root cause problem 100%.

3. Building a “Peer assisted learning” model.

4. To make understandable in distribution of information.

5. CSR project that bring internal resources to society.