Quality Control is one of the essential process in which reflect consistency of quality in standard mass production. Our strategy is to market the high consistent quality-driven products. This Quality Control process is strictly uncompromised and unexposed, starts from selecting the raw materials, intermediate control until finish products. Quality Control will make sure its quality by certain test in the laboratory prior on delivery to customer. To assure the standard, our production is certified by ISO 9001 system and have met our customer satisfaction. With high technology of our extruders together with professional staff and effective quality control made our high production yield and less waste amount. Adhering to ISO14001 standard, all industrial waste is recorded and sent to the 3rd party to certified industrial waste management who will collect for incineration and landed field with no harm effect to the environment.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Salee Colour ISO 9001:2015

Poly Merit Asia ISO 9001:2015

Composite Asia ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001 : 2015

Salee Colour ISO 14001:2015

Poly Merit Asia ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001 : 2018

Salee Colour ISO 45001:2018

Poly Merit Asia ISO 45001:2018


การจัดการความต่อเนื่องทางธุรกิจ (BCM)


Green Industry GI 3 – Salee.

Green Industry GI 3 – Poly.

Certificate_of_honor Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2020

Innovation Managment system( CENTS 16555-12013)

Sustainability Disclosure Recognition Certificate 2021.

The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2018

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Alternative Investment

Top Ten Innovative
Business 2011

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Energy Conservation

Board of Trade of
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The Best Factory

CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2022

The Prime Minister's Industry Award 2022-Eng

The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2022