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CSR-DIW Donating computers to children

Education in the era of globalization every student can study through online. In Thai society, technologies play an important role in all aspect of living including education. The computer technology plays a pivotal role in learning, it also serves as a major role in learning type of integration. Learning is important on which endlessly increases potential in creativity of the youth in Thai society.

Salee Colour aimed the worth of education which results from using the computer. The organization donated and delivered these computers that the students will be able to use in schools; as a result, these can give them access to search for knowledge endlessly as well as to gain new outlook in life.

Donation to:

  1. Ban Phaithon School, Phrae Province
  2. Wathuayyang Scchool, Chonburi Province
  3. Ban Talat Noen Hin School, Chonburi Province
  4. Aemsuree School, Samutprakarn Province
  5. Banklongluang, School, Samutprakarn Province