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Salee Chern Chuun Saang Suuan Suk-ka-paap Bang Najeud Project

saleecolour csr
saleecolour csr

      Salee Color helps restore the recreational park area of Bang Najeud Community under Salee chern chuun saang suuan suk-ka-paap bang najeud Project program. Last September 2021, we help innovate and enhanced the landscape of the community park. This is to promote healthy activity for exercising and increasingly maximized use of the area. By cooperation of the volunteers from Salee Colour’s employees, we have arranged the landscape, lay cement blocks, do park banisters, paint exercising machines, and mount the electric light pole to shed lights for those who want to rest and can exercise at night. We believed that these projects help us achieved our objectives.

saleecolour csr
saleecolour csr
saleecolour csr
saleecolour csr

CSR-DIW Donating computers to children

Education in the era of globalization every student can study through online. In Thai society, technologies play an important role in all aspect of living including education. The computer technology plays a pivotal role in learning, it also serves as a major role in learning type of integration. Learning is important on which endlessly increases potential in creativity of the youth in Thai society.

Salee Colour aimed the worth of education which results from using the computer. The organization donated and delivered these computers that the students will be able to use in schools; as a result, these can give them access to search for knowledge endlessly as well as to gain new outlook in life.

Donation to:

  1. Ban Phaithon School, Phrae Province
  2. Wathuayyang Scchool, Chonburi Province
  3. Ban Talat Noen Hin School, Chonburi Province
  4. Aemsuree School, Samutprakarn Province
  5. Banklongluang, School, Samutprakarn Province

The children’s dreams fulfilling project 5th years

The children’s dreams fulfilling project 5th years

Salee Colour conducts the children’s dreams fulfilling project as 5th years to promote sustainability development activities adhering to principle of the happiness sharing community. Company aims to value of the educational development of children who are the future of the nation. In Samutprakarn, there still be the lack of educational necessities in many areas.

Thus in 2021, We donated stationary and basic necessities during COVID-19 situation to children in Aemsuree school, Baankrumui, Fordek foundation, and Bangnumjeud community in order to promote their better life quality.

COLOR, Forest Restoration Project.

On 09 September, COLOR started its project with a theme of: Forest Restoration Project. This is to give back and to help restore our nature and environment with the help of our employees, by part to this social activity. Each employee was given plants to bring home to grow to their native district.
COLOR, advocacy to help developed Biodiversity and to maintain a sustainable friendly nature for the future.

“Salee Colour Virtual Run 2020”

Salee Colour
Salee Colour

COLOR Run for Charity, in collaboration with Salee Colour internal employees to organized with a theme of Salee Colour Virtual Run 2020 held on 9 September,2020 the charity with maiA Virtual Run that need to accumulate target to 3,000 KM. (For 1 KM. = 10 Baht). This will go to Thai Red Cross Society for Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital, the activity were fun and helped motivate employees to have unity in the organization, and strengthen their body and mind.

From corporate sustainability to social sustainability

The company supported face shield to medical personal in Samutprakarn province, The list of the hospitals namely below:
– Muangsamut Hospital
– Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University
– Samutprakarn Hospital
This is to encourage to fight the covid-19 crisis. The corporate sustainability is social sustainability.

Sharing and Caring, year 4 (Creating Good Relationship with Youth, Society, Community and Company)

Sharing is Caring, In 4 years participation this is a project to deliver of happiness to children in local community. We Volunteered to improve the school environment of Klong-Sao Thong School.

                We had painted and renovated some few areas in school such as, activity areas – where children enjoy the program that we prepared for them. Also, restroom to be more hygienic for the children to used.

                We also provided scholarship for the children who’s top of their class and studied well. This is to encourage them to study harder and to enhanced more of their knowledge for their better future.

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