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COLOR, Forest Restoration Project.

On 09 September, COLOR started its project with a theme of: Forest Restoration Project. This is to give back and to help restore our nature and environment with the help of our employees, by part to this social activity. Each employee was given plants to bring home to grow to their native district.
COLOR, advocacy to help developed Biodiversity and to maintain a sustainable friendly nature for the future.

Salee Colour PCL Received Sustainability Disclosure Recognition Certificate 2020.

“Salee Colour PCL received Sustainability Disclosure Recognition Certificate 2020 (SDC) from Thaipat Institute which developing an organization for long-term sustainability as well as responding to SDG Target 12.6 Sustainable Development Goals and being a member of Thaipat Institute.”

“Salee Colour Virtual Run 2020”

Salee Colour
Salee Colour

COLOR Run for Charity, in collaboration with Salee Colour internal employees to organized with a theme of Salee Colour Virtual Run 2020 held on 9 September,2020 the charity with maiA Virtual Run that need to accumulate target to 3,000 KM. (For 1 KM. = 10 Baht). This will go to Thai Red Cross Society for Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital, the activity were fun and helped motivate employees to have unity in the organization, and strengthen their body and mind.